Architecture of an Atom (UPDATED)

My friend and fellow artist JULIACKS is shooting her feature film, Architecture of an Atom, in France this August. It's a part of her ongoing transmedia series that combines performance, comics, theatre and short film to create an intricate alternate reality with a full cast of characters. And so the next step is the feature film. And as a part of that next step, I will be coming on board as Assistant Director (also Continuity Supervisor, plus working with the Art Department -- on a small production everyone's got to multitask); this is the same role I had when I worked with her previously on her short film Invisible Forces back in 2010.

Architecture of an Atom in a nutshell: a film where a group of adult children, an abandoned pool and a grieving world-shifting Infinite Whistle collide. Intrigued yet? The cast and crew is well underway with pre-production, as the shooting dates loom nearer. While the actors have been perfecting their characters and locations are being scouted, I've been reviewing the script with JULIACKS and the final draft is now ready to go.

One amazing detail: the feature film will premiere at the Moderna Museum in Sweden, in January 2015.


Here is artist, writer, director and producer JULIACKS holding up Architecture of an Atom's prequel comic book, published by the Moderna Museum in Malmö.

However, even small films have big expenses, and while the project has received some partial funding, we're still a little bit short. So, we decided to go Web 2.0 on the whole business and enter the exciting new-fangled world of crowdfunding. The project has an Indiegogo campaign up and we really need your help to progress and complete this film.

If you're anything like me, you're wondering: "Crowdfunding? What's in it for me?" Well, every contribution comes with a fabulous reward, so starting from as little as $7 you can help this project come to juicy fruition (haha) and walk away with something for yourself (cool stuff includes: personal premiere parties, fabulous tote bags, comics, sculptural props and more).

Part of my (multitasking) role in the Art Department involves creating a prop that will be used in the film. It's a hand-drawn map of the Rhone-Alpes region that the characters use on screen in lieu of a standard road atlas. 

This is what it looks like mid-progress. It still needs, y'know, the roads.

In fact, you could be the proud owner of this film prop if you select the "Sculptural Prop" contribution option on the Indiegogo page. You know you want it.

I'm so thrilled to be working with JULIACKS again, and this production includes people from all over the world coming together to collaborate on a really unique and creative film project. The shoot in August only lasts ten days, so it's going to be mad and crazy, but also insanely fun. I will definitely post pictures and updates throughout the production process and from on set. 

More cool stuff and info at: (film website) (campaign) (JULIACKS)

UPDATE- Nov. 9, 2013

Firstly, a very big thank you to all who contributed to the indiegogo campaign to make this film shoot possible. The shoot this summer was a lot of hard work, but massively successful.  

Here is the above painted map in it's final folded, map-y form.

It belongs to the character Sergei in the film, replacing a normal road map.

Here is the map on set from day 1, folded up and stacked on top of Sergei's other belongings- crumpled receipts, books, and his very important straw hat kept in his van. The map is used in a scene where Sergei falls asleep at the wheel and crashes while transporting the entire group of adult children. After the accident Sergei uses the painted map to direct the group onward.

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