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This Summer I worked with friend and fellow artist JULIACKS on her film Architecture of an Atom as the Assistant Director.  This feature film is a part of an ongoing transmedia series in which JULIACKS explores non-linear narratives of transformation through loss that includes film, performance, and comics.  In my last post we were in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign and I would like to sincerely thank all who contributed.

This past August Architecture of an Atom was shot in Lyon and Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France, over the course of two weeks- no small task!

Day 2 of shooting, Lyon. Getting a Director's view of the monitor.  Here Jake Russell, Cinematographer (left), prepares for the next scene.  From left- Jake Russel, Vannessa Bonnet Delmond, Sari TM Kivinen, Benoit Pallandre, Jean-Louis Delorme, Jane Rhyu, and Raphael Defour.


Benoit Pallandre (right), Sound Engineer, checks equipment before shooting; with Rodolphe Kay, Sound Assistant. SOUND ROLLING!!!


Anna Barie models her character Valeria's transformation costume.  Costume design by the ever talented Baptiste Odet.


Getting into the mood of a sombre scene. Veronika Driedger (left), who plays Cohl, prepares for a deathbed soliloquy. From left- Veronika Driedger, Anna Barie, and Jane Rhyu who plays Lakes.


There exists an old abandoned swimming pool in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, now overrun with weeds, graffiti, and tall trees growing through the concrete; the water slide peeks out between the leaves. It makes a perfect home for the film's lost characters. Charly Caillaux, 1st Camera Assistant (left) prepares the camera. From left- Charly Caillaux, Sati Leonne Faulks, who catered the huge cast and crew with a-maaay-zing dishes, Jake Russell walks the perimeter and Vanessa Bonnet Delmond descends into the pool.


Perks of shooting in the Alps: shooting in the Alps. Here our Director JULIACKS counsels two actors on an emotionally poignant scene.  From left- Charlene Van Buekenhout, JULIACKS, Veronika Driedger, Rodolphe Kay, and Simon Moirot- Second Camera Assistant. Near Bourg-Saint-Maurice.


Veronika and Charlene converse with JULIACKS prior to shooting one of the most difficult and emotionally charged scenes of the film.


Final preparations before shooting said scene. From left- Jake Russell, Camille Granger- fabulous Makeup Artist, Veronika Driedger, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Charly Caillaux, and Thomas Coulomb- Gaffer extraordinaire.


Back in Lyon, Zen Jefferson, who plays Andusa, incorporates a quiet physicality to his introductory scene.


Between takes during a group scene. From left- Raphael Defour- plays the charismatic Sergei, crouching above is Kolbeinn Karlsson who plays "quiet moose" Osmo, Zen Jefferson, JULIACKS, Jane Rhyu, Jake Russell and Thomas Coulomb.


The eve before it all started- the final rehearsal. JULIACKS describes a scene and directs the group. From left- Anna Barie, Zen Jefferson, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Vannessa Bonnet Delmond, Jean-Louis Delorme, Sari TM Kivinen, Veronika Driedger, Charlene Van Buekenhout, and Raphael Defour.

More information on the film at archatom.org.

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