Discovering watercolors

I started experimenting with watercolors this year. Though my oil paintings have previously been mistaken for watercolors, I never really considered using the medium.  At first I thought to only use watercolors for preliminary studies since there is so much less prep and clean up compared to oils.  But I discovered very quickly the advantages of this medium, and how it is perfect for experimentation. 

Two #2, watercolor on paper

Two #2, watercolor on paper

I talk about this discovery and process more in an exclusive article with Many Shapes Art- an international art collective based in Rotterdam.  You can read about how I started using watercolors in my practice by complete chance, and how my artistic process changed accordingly.

When I work in oil, I work in thin, built up layers. This is not possible with watercolors. Painting with watercolors is a more spontaneous and instinctive experience. I even find myself creating humor in the simple poetry of the titles for my watercolor pieces; for example numbering numbers (Two #1, Two #2, etc). I see a lot of potential for this medium in my practice.  I won’t be underestimating watercolors again.

Hayley QuentinComment